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40 % Meeting room
39 % Typical utilization
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36 % Average desk


About us

Companies are facing a headache trying to make the most of their space and turn it into a modern workable office. With the cost of space continuing to rise, it is vital that they can make every inch count. Stratur enables new ways of working and better use of space by providing solutions and services for a dynamic and flexible work environment. Today Stratur is one of the leading service providers in the Nordic region having offices both in Sweden and in Finland.

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Let us help you

Our solutions

Besides offering the necessary hardware and software, Stratur’s success in the market has been all about focusing on the interpersonal side of the solution. Our role is to be in between the customer and technology.


Stratur Occupancy Study

Occupancy Study helps you to understand how your desks, meeting rooms and break-out spaces are used in extraordinary detail. On a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis, small infrared sensors gather data on your real estate use. By identifying both increases and decreases in real estate utilization, Stratur Occupancy Study delivers valuable intelligence to help determine if your workplace is meeting demand – both now and in the future.


Stratur Meeting Room Touch Screens

Meeting Room Touch Screens are for all types of organizations from start-ups to multi-nationals, municipalities to hospitals. If you have meeting rooms, we can help you to reduce costs, eliminate wasteful use of meeting resources, and increase business efficiency. Meeting Room Touch lets you instantly start a meeting directly from the screen, book an available room, or release a room using your PIN or RFID card. LED lights let you quickly scan for free rooms. With 180° visibility, these status lights let you see instantly if rooms are occupied, booked, or available. No more waiting around for no one to turn up. The auto-bump feature releases the room within a set time frame, freeing the room for someone else to use.


Stratur Meeting Room Booking Software

When you manage your facilities and office resources more effectively, you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line. Stratur empowers employees to book resources, such as meeting rooms, video conference devices, vehicles, or catering services, right from their desk using Outlook add-in.


Stratur Desk Booking

However you set up your desks in an activity based workspace, we help you to organize, manage, and make desks bookable to create a more dynamic work environment. You can create hot desks that can be used by anybody, fixed desks reserved for certain departments, or flexible desks, available for specific times. You can easily find colleagues working in the same group and book a desk nearby. Activity based desks can be managed either from Outlook, using a Desk Booking Kiosk, or a RFID Desk Booking Screen.


Stratur Area and Reception Display

Area and Reception Displays provide clear information on a large display regarding the current meeting title, time, date, room, meeting host, direction arrow, and status. When using a display with touch screen capability, you can easily book the meeting room directly from that large display, assuming it is available, of course.


Stratur Visitor Management

You get a complete overview of all your visitors, automated notification when they arrive, and they can be out-registered either by the receptionist or the visitor can scan their own name badge. Reporting lets you see who’s been where and to see whom. Key features include: Visitor pre-registration, self-registration, personal visitor badges with WiFi access, and parking permit.


Find your colleagues

In a modern office people may not stay at the same desk all day. Our mobile app helps you to locate colleagues easily. Feature: Finding the right people in the building, when needed.

Let us help you

Our services

Stratur provides our customers with various services that are crucial for a successful implementation and continuous development. Programs for training, usage, and adoption and specialized first line support have made a significant difference to our customers ́ everyday business.


Enables you to closely monitor the utilization of meeting rooms, track resource usage, monitor no-shows, and review catering and meeting costs.


Our technicians can do installations also outside of normal office hours.


Telephone and email support is available during weekdays 7-17 CET (excl. bank holidays)


Trainings are held either onsite or remotely over video conference to ensure all service elements are used in the correct way.

Open house

Open house events help with service launch, communication, and fast adoption.


Outlining what steps are both necessary and appropriate to take in order to get all service elements successfully deployed and meeting the agreed milestones.


Provides value for customer relationship and ensures continous development of the solution.


Clear communication toward the customer regarding when hardware deliveries occur and when rooms can be booked is crucial in the beginning of the project.

Customers appreciate our services

Case Studies

For businesses today, growth at scale depends on total management of the workplace environment. In this section you can find more information on how we have transformed the work environment for a few customers.