Stratur Visitor

Give Your Visitors the Welcome They Deserve

Ensure that your visitors are meet with a first impression of superior professionalism. Once meetings including visitors have been booked, the bookings are automatically transferred to the receptionist’s calendar – ensuring complete insight and control. With visitor management, you can provide your visitor with desk check-in or self-registration. All of which facilitating automated notification to the host. Not only does this take a lot of the work task of your reception, but it provides you with a complete overview of your visitors in case fire. 

Key features and benefits

Visitor Boarding Card; inform your visitors of your meeting, how to get to your location and easy check-in enabled by an integrated QR code. 

  • Daily overview of all visitors on your facilities Supports multiple entry points and locations
  • Self-registration; for unmanned receptions, but also you minimize the manual workload of the receptions
  • Automated host notification by SMS or e-mail
  • Wi-Fi codes; personalized logins enabled in the time frame of their visit.
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