Stratur Occupancy Study

Stratur Sense is a unique wireless sensor that continually and accurately measures the usage of your workspace. It helps you understand the right type and right quantity of workspace for your company. Understanding how desks, meeting rooms, break out and office spaces are used on a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis provides valuable insight into property planning and how your real estate is being used. By presenting clear, compelling data, you will quickly identify opportunities to reduce your real estate costs and develop on-going cost-saving initiatives.

How does it work?

Stratur Sense is a small, discrete, easy to affix, wireless device that uses a dedicated, stand-alone network to gather utilisation data via a series of passive infrared signals. The sensors transmit utilisation data back to a centralised database in the Cloud, which is then presented back to you in easy to understand graphs and tables. 

Using this data, we can provide you with a detailed report on how your workspace is being used and feedback observations on how to adapt or change the space to meet your business objectives. These fully up-to-date, objective reports can remove the need for expensive manual workspace utilisation audits. 

The sensor can be applied to almost any type of contemporary work setting including workstations, meeting room tables, VC suites, collaborative meeting spaces and dining areas.

Key features and benefits

  • Easily measure desk occupancy
  • Real-time continuous data capture
  • Intelligent data analysis
  • Discrete & nameless
  • Independent wireless self-healing network
  • Unparalleled scalability
  • Low power needs, long battery life
  • A hassle-free full managed solution
  • A secure solution
  • Live Space Finder
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