Stratur Meeting Room Planner

Simplifying the processes of your meeting booking 

By centralizing all parties involved, you ensure that the journey is shortened, and that all unnecessary bumps on the road are eliminated. The journey of booking a meeting, inviting attendees, ordering of catering and additional facilities and lastly invoicing your cost center can all be executed using just one booking portal. In addition, if you change your booking, or any of your colleagues cannot accommodate your bookings, you are automatically notified.

Key features and benefits

  • Integration to Exchange, O365, and Outlook
  • Bookings across multiple locations and different time zones 
  • Daily automated reports for e.g. the kitchen, facility management etc. for ordered items
  • Easy re-scheduling of room, catering and equipment – automated notifications
  • Actionable e-mails; reminders about your booking of the big conference room. Don’t need it anymore? Then easily cancelled by one click. 
  • Experienced in handling companies in shared facilities 
  • Meeting registration allows for valid data used for poll your meeting activities
  • Video Conference Planning
  • Customized resource administration of catering items, deadline and menus – and facility item
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