Stratur Desk Booking

Desk Booking Software allows you to deploy flexible working throughout the organisation. The module enables users to reserve a desk or office space as and when they need it; on the intranet, in Outlook, using touch screen kiosks, on our digital desk signage or using a mobile desk booking app. The software is scalable to support the needs of one department in one building, or an entire enterprise around the world. Its advanced booking features and reporting facilities help you get the most out of your office space by raising desk utilization and enabling flexible teamwork.

Key features and benefits

  • Quick desk search 
  • Advanced desk search for multiple days with desk features 
  • Search results by group, desk or on floor plans 
  • Booking from interactive floor plans 
  • Booking grid 
  • Booking desks on behalf of others 
  • Find a colleague on the floor plan 
  • Desk check-in 
  • Auto-bump to release desk if not checked in within pre-set time limit 
  • Ability to release a fixed desk when not required 

The specific desk reports that are available are:

  • Desk utilisation
  • Utilisation by location/floor
  • Utilisation by person
  • Cancelled bookings
  • Booking history
  • Future bookings
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