We are pleased to announce the appointment of Fredrik Zetterqvist as CEO at Stratur. Fredrik takes office today June 1, 2021.

Fredrik’s previous positions as Vice President & Head of Meeting Technology at Office Management includes Development and Senior advisement and experience focus on the customer and the customer experience – which is both gratifying and essential in building a world class company.

With more than 15 years of experience, Fredrik brings a unique set of skills, perspectives and relationships to lead Stratur into the future. Building on what we have already accomplished, under his leadership we hope to utilize our strategic direction, grow and develop our organization, strengthen our partnerships, and build new relationships.

“It is with great enthusiasm and humility that I take on this role as CEO at Stratur. I look forward to working with our team to continue delivering innovative solutions and services for a dynamic, flexible work environment. I will focus on creating growth and value for us our customers, partners and employees’.” says Fredrik.

Few words from Kristoffer:

“After 7 years as founder and CEO at Stratur I have now announced that I will leave room for a new CEO who will take the company into the next phase.  I, together with everyone at Stratur, have worked hard to take the company to the place it is today. A typical phase 2 is coming and my conclusion is that now is the right time to appoint a new CEO, with renewed vigour and energy will take over and continue our work going forward. I will still be owner and a part of this amazing company and a part of the management team with a strong focus on sales. “

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