Problems when booking meeting rooms with Outlook.

Who is Polarium? Polarium, formerly known as Incell International, is a Swedish company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology. They believe in a world of endless energy – a world where energy no longer comes from finite sources, where all energy is renewable, and the […]

Shared facilities and meeting rooms between many different companies. Case: Kungsleden Oxel

Kungsleden Oxel have since the beginning of 2020 been using Stratur’s services and products. With Kungsleden Oxel new renovated and high standard office in Norrköping it was a perfect match from the start. Challenge Kungsleden Oxel coworking office needed a flexible system that could handle shared facilities and meeting rooms between many different companies. All of […]

Basefarm AB with 100 employees and a growing number of complaints

Problem Hard to book meeting rooms ad-hoc. Growing number of complaints about not having enough available meeting rooms, and people not showing up to their own booked meetings. Solution In the first phase, Stratur installed 5 Meeting Room Touch Screens with LED frames. These screens can be fully customized and Basefarm can also use the […]