Case Study


Helen conducted a survey on how efficiently the space in offices and meeting rooms was used. The results show that the use of space in Sähkötalo was quite loose, both in the offices and the meeting rooms. The use of meeting rooms was inefficient. The rooms reserved for meetings were too big and the time reserved was longer than needed. As a result, the reservation calendars for the meeting rooms were full, even if the rooms were empty for the most of the time. The survey also showed that our meeting room sizes were wrong. The biggest need is for meeting rooms for 4 – 6 people, and our meeting rooms were for 10 – 13 people.

After the survey we have made big changes. At the end of last year, we started building new meeting rooms alongside the old ones. Now we wanted to know the utilization rate and the number of users in detail. Based on the results, we want to guide our personnel to have more efficient meetings and to reserve meeting rooms of the right size.

The cooperation has been easy and Stratur has been positive about the changes in our schedules and the small challenges in getting the survey started.

     – Property Manager at Helsinki Energia

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